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Hospitality and Leisure

Hospitality and Leisure

phs looks after the washroom hygiene and floorcare requirements of hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs, leisure centres, and all types of hospitality establishments across Ireland. We ensure your premises meet your duty of care obligations and enhance your reputation with your guests and customers.

Why phs

Customer service and retention are major priorities in the hospitality sector, and our site maintenance and hygiene services will contribute to the continued success of your organisation. We work with many sport and leisure clubs throughout Ireland, helping them reduce costs, remain compliant, hygienic and appealing to their customers.

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At phs we know how hard you work to keep your members happy. Sport and leisure centres all operate in a competitive marketplace. People are increasingly aware of health and safety, and rightly expect high standards at the facilities they use.

A clean and hygienic environment does far more than just keep the health and safety authorities happy, it creates the right impression on the people using your building.

We help you enjoy loyalty from your members by showing that you care about their comfort and well-being.

Industry insights from our experts


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Astley Shields

10th Mar 2022

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14th Jan 2022

AIRSCENT ATOM leisure case study

AIRSCENT ATOM leisure case study

The washrooms are located near to the entrance of the golf club. For the first time ever, the fragrance from the air fresheners has actually carried through to the entrance as well as the Golf Pro shop. Numerous staff members and customers have said just how welcoming the entrance and golf shop are as a result. That's especially great as many of our golfers are returning to the club after a day of sport, so the pleasant aroma is certainly helpful.


Traditionally, our most popular services for the sport and leisure industry have included floorcare and washroom services. Our experts continue to meet the needs of successful modern sport and leisure centres with a wide range of workplace services.

Slips and trips account for 41% of accidents in the workplace. Mats are important right across sites, especially around wet changing areas and entrances. Our specialist leisure matting reduces the risk of accidents, providing a comfortable, safe flooring surface and great welcoming first impression.

Human activity including increased respiration, perspiration can all contribute to air quality concerns, and with indoor air containing up to five times more contaminants than outdoor air, we also provide air purification products than improve the air quality of our customers’ facilities, to create a safer and hygienic environment.

We will also ensure that safety and hygiene at your sport or leisure club is handled strictly in line with current legislation and according to best practice guidelines.

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