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phs has vast experience of providing washroom hygiene and floorcare services to manufacturers in Ireland. We work with our clients to meet their duty of care obligations under health and safety laws. We help the well-being of their staff, which in turn helps in productivity. Our restroom technology such as water-saving devices and waste reduction services also results in reducing overheads.

Why phs

We bring tried and tested improvements to hygiene levels and lower utility overheads and waste costs for manufacturing businesses in Ireland. We offer free site surveys and advice from the outset and ensure our service visits cause no disruption to our clients operations.

Operating a manufacturing business means meeting a wide range of demands, often at short notice. Keeping people safe in such an environment is essential.

We understand that in the rush to meet orders, client expectations and tight deadlines, the level of cleanliness and hygiene in your premises might suffer. We make it our business to help you succeed.

Manufacturing often work with specialist equipment and creating a safe environment is not only a legal responsibility, it also makes good business sense.

phs will work with you to create a cleaner, more hygienic environment to minimise accidents and sickness, and help keep your workforce safe and happy.

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Cost-effective washroom solutions

Cost-effective washroom solutions

The main focus for us was to reduce the amount we were spending on our washrooms without jeopardising hygiene. With the help of phs we were able to introduce a number of energy-saving, cost-effective products as well as create a cleaner, more pleasant environment within our washrooms with hygienic waste disposal bins and a reliable waste collection service.


Working within a fast-moving and demanding industry, the owners of manufacturing wholesale businesses don’t always have time to worry about the health and safety responsibilities that help to keep their employees safe and productive.

Yet it’s essential for businesses in this sector to provide a hygienic and hazard-free working environment. According to a recent Labour Force Survey, more than 150,000 people spent seven days absent from their job after being injured at work, with an estimated 4.5 million working days lost per year due to workplace injuries.

To ensure that your staff are able to remain focused on their jobs and avoid health risks within the workplace, phs provides flexible contracts covering a wide range of hygiene and safety services. Our engineers call ahead to make sure that their visiting hours are convenient, performing their work quickly and discreetly at times that suit you and your business.

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