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Period Equality for all!

Period Equality for all!

At phs, we believe everyone should have access to the period products they need. Schools, colleges, universities, business and the public sector have a vital role to play in ending Period Poverty and phs Group are here to help with an extensive range of period products, guidance and support to ensure no-one misses out because of their period. 

Read our Period Poverty Brochure

What is period poverty or period inequality?

Period poverty/inequality effects a large proportion of the population, with 1 in 14 girls* saying they have missed school as they could not afford or access sanitary products. 

Many of us would rather avoid using the word ‘poverty’ in today’s society. However, in the Republic of Ireland, poverty is a real thing. Young girls and women in our communities are experiencing poverty as they are unable to afford basic products which are essential to their day-to-day lives, causing unnecessary discomfort and worry.

It is, however, important to note that not all women and girls suffer from period poverty. Sometimes lack of products can be down to limited access, so it’s important that these necessary products are available to everyone that needs them.

Making a difference

In the UK, phs Group are leading the way with Period Equality and were appointed to the UK Government’s official Period Poverty Taskforce with one common goal; eliminating period poverty and inequality. In partnership with Bloody Good Period, phs is leading one of just three workstreams tasked at improving access to period products for those who need it. We believe that bringing together our expertise, experience and resource will create a force to be reckoned with.

We also sit on the Welsh Government’s Period Dignity Taskforce and Blaenau Gwent’s Period Equality Taskforce, which have both been set up to ensure products are reaching the girls that need them. 

During 2019 and 2020, phs was recognised for its work around Period Equality, by scooping up several awards at the CIPR Wales PRide Awards and the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Marketing Excellence Awards, including Best Education Campaign, Best Innovative New Product/Service campaign and Best Corporate Communications campaign.

What products are right for you?

Here at phs, and together with our partners, we’re making it our mission to provide the perfect menstrual products, with no compromises! From standard non-applicator and applicator tampons, to standard and reusable pads and menstrual cups – we’ve got something to empower everyone. We are also able to offer Period Starter Kits – bespoke options are available on a case-by-case basis.

In partnership with the Department for Education, we are supplying free period products to over 20,000 schools in England.

Providing period products to your students will:

  • Support those who cannot afford sanitary products.
  • Reduce the risk of period related absences.
  • Increase the wellbeing of your learners.
  • Break through the stigma of talking about periods.
  • Allow leaners to fully focus on their studies.

Contact us to find out more

Whether you are a primary, secondary or higher-education school, we can support you with raising awareness of your period products scheme, by providing you with the assets that you need.

Lesson plans

Together with Lil-lets and Brook, we have created educational lessons plans for schools from year 4 to 9. These lesson plans can purely be delivered on their own or to complement the schools current offering.

To find out what’s included or download our lesson plans, please click below.

Advice for teens

At phs, we understand that as great as it is to be a teen, it’s not always easy. Therefore, we have partnered with Lil-lets to provide support for schools and advice for teenagers to provide guidance on ‘becoming a Teen’, ‘what is Puberty’ and much more – Download the Ultimate Guide to becoming a Teen today.

We also appreciate that choosing the right period products can be confusing as there are so many products available. Together with Lil-lets, we have created two guides which provide information on their organic range for both non-applicator tampons and pads. Download the guides today to find out more. 



Download our free posters and help spread awareness. Click here.

Work with phs
From our own campaign and independent research, we know young people believe access to period products is a real issue. Doing the right thing is a core ethos at phs; and providing period products to women and girls is certainly the right thing to do.

If you would like to find out more about our work with Period Equality in the UK, click here.

Introducing phs’ coin-free Vending Machine

In response to the challenges surrounding Period Equality, phs introduced a coin free vending machine, to help alleviate some of the anxiety and embarrassment young women and girls feel every month when faced with having to purchase hygiene products they can’t afford.

These vend machines are available to schools for free, when purchasing phs consumables (period products)**.

The free-vend can be easily fitted in washrooms and is convenient and discreet. It offers a managed and hygienic method of distributing products to students. without the embarrassment of having to ask a teacher or colleague.

phs can work with you to help end period poverty in your school, college, or workplace. Show that you care by taking the first step today.

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*Source – Plan International UK

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