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Finding sustainable solutions

For us, sustainability is about meeting the needs of today without compromising the well-being of future generations.

Product innovations

phs prides itself on offering sustainable solutions at cost-effective prices. For example, all of our fitted and loose lay mats are made from ECONYL® yarn, a 100% regenerated and regenerable Nylon 6, which is made from waste such as carpet fluff, textiles and recovered fishing nets thrown away into the sea. These 100% recycled mats are an innovative way to keep your floors clean whilst cleaning up our oceans. 

Sustainable partners

Key fact - Around 640,000 tonnes of nets are discarded in our oceans every year; killing wildlife, damaging reefs and degrading into damaging micro-plastics.

We work with carefully selected partners across the world to find environmentally-friendly solutions to deal with people’s everyday needs. In particular, we work with communities to find a beneficial use for the thousands of fishing nets that have been abandoned at sea, causing untold amounts of damage to marine life and habitats.

Once collected, these discarded nets are processed into a recycled polyamide, which is used to create our unique range of high quality, robust mats that deliver genuine environmental benefits as well as excellent cleaning results.

These are just some examples of how phs is using ethical supply chains and partnerships to enable our customers to make better, more sustainable purchasing decisions.

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