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Helping You Get Back To Work Safely

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Helping You Get Back To Work Safely

As the leading hygiene services provider in the Ireland, UK and Spain, phs Group provides guidance, advice and a large, mobilised workforce to offer protection and legally compliant services to any business looking to contain and eradicate the threat of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Essential COVID-19 paper consumables

phs is stocked with paper hygiene products available immediately, including toilet rolls and paper towels. Our paper towels contain antimicrobial technology, which protects against cross-infection, dramatically reducing the risk of the spread of pathogenic germs such as E.coli, salmonella and MRSA.

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COVID-19 message/PPE mats

Our new COVID-19 social distancing and message mats help stop the spread of COVID-19 as well as protect floors from premature damage and reduce the risk of slips in the workplace. Also help remind people to sanitise and wash their hands.

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MicroShield Foot Bath System

Placing a MicroShield Foot Bath System at all entrance points of your business will reduce the risk of bacteria being spread through the building.

Suitable for use across all industries, including hospitality, manufacturing, education, and general offices, the Foot Bath system is designed to prevent contamination and keep floors clean.

The act of stepping onto the Micro Shield Foot Bath removes germs and bacteria from the soles of shoes and stops them being brought into the building.

The microfibre mat can hold up to 6.5 litres of cleaning fluid and comes with six disposable inserts that can be replaced as required. It is slip resistant and suitable for use in wet areas.

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As we all adapt to new working conditions and social restrictions, it can be hard to know who to turn to for advice and help. phs Group have been helping businesses stay hygienic and legally compliant for years, and will stay by your side to navigate you through the course of COVID-19.

Resumption of service

We know a lot of our customers will be preparing to return to their offices, factories and other premises in the next few weeks. You will have lots to worry about, including the protection of your staff and customers. Throughout this crisis we have been by your side and we are here now to help you get back to work safely.

Resumption of service

Hands, face and space, but what about the air you breathe?

Cleaning the air is as important as cleaning surfaces, and we have a range of air purifiers suitable for any environment. Our air-cleaning products include a range of AERAMAX air purifiers and BIOZONE air purification systems. The AERAMAX is designed with HEPA filters to physically clean the air, removing impurities including germs and viruses including airborne flu, colds and the norovirus along with allergens, pollutants and odours.

Meanwhile, the BIOZONE improves the hygiene in the air and on surfaces using sterilising techniques which destroy bacteria; including flu, E.Coli, salmonella and streptococcus. Both solutions are effective in areas such as GP surgeries, hospitals, care homes, food preparation areas, workplaces and any public space.

With a specialist cleaning division, expertise in hygiene and our own line of hygiene products, phs understands the crucial role we can play in reducing the spread of Covid-19. We are already on the doorstep of businesses up and down the country so we’re ideally placed to take an active role in supporting you in your fight to limit the spread of disease and protect your workforce, as well as the public.

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Specialist COVID-19 hand care sanitiser and soap dispensers

We supply both hand soap and sanitiser dispensers designed to protect your employees and visitors. Our easy to use manual hand soap and hand sanitiser solution is easy to use and is fully serviced, with the service frequency matched to the footfall and usage pattern of your washroom.

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