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We Do More Than You Think

The road to sustainability

Reducing our carbon footprint is crucial to our ambitions. Each day, phs Washroom Service Technicians undertake 20,000 service visits to our customers’ sites to perform essential services – that is why the choices we make for our fleet of vehicles are key to this mission. Over the last year, we have doubled efficiency by downsizing 150 washroom vans, with a further 200 vehicles due to be replaced by June 2022 – this represents half of our fleet and will reduce our carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 770 tonnes annually.

We are not stopping there though! This year we will be trialling electric vehicles to further improve our environmental impact, and we have recently launched our new Healthcare waste vehicles, which shows our commitment to disposing of our customers clinical waste responsibly.

Our UK-sourced consumable range

At phs, we are able to offer the full hygiene solution – which includes anything from sanitary bins to water saving solutions, and from air purifiers to cleaning consumables.

Our chemical ranges exceed the needs of the most stringent industry standards, e.g. EN14476, EN1276 and EN13697.

Via our UK-sourced consumable range - from our vetted and best in class global supply partners - phs recognises that our by-products from packaging or product waste must have a tangible recycling proposition or some other means to utilise that waste. From our class leading ‘paper wrapped in paper’ approach (eliminating plastic use and focussing on recycled FSC accredited and sustainable material sources) to utilising bamboo or sugar cane materials in our paper products, we are delivering cost effective solutions to our customers that don’t cost the earth.


Chemical free cleaning

Our enzyme-based concentrated cleaning products are fully biodegradable, which helps our customers meet their sustainability goals, reduce costs, whilst maintaining cleaning standards.

To view our extensive consumable range, click here.

Transforming the future of waste management

We collect around 65,000 tonnes of hygiene waste every year from our customers, including nappies, incontinence and sanitary products. If this waste was disposed of within landfill, it could take more than 500 years to decompose. phs Group has partnered with Panda to ensure all customers hygiene waste in Ireland is diverted away from landfill and created into an alternative fuel source.

Whilst our goal is to divert up to 95% of our customers’ hygiene waste away from landfill into energy recovery facilities, we’re on target to reach 80% by the end of 2022.

Our commitment doesn’t end in the UK! We have also partnered with Panda to ensure all customers hygiene waste in Ireland is diverted away from landfill and turned into an alternative fuel source used to power cement kilns.

Click on the links to find out what our Specialist Divisions, phs Besafe, phs Greenleaf, phs Wastekit and phs Teacrate are doing to reduce their environmental impact or download our CSR brochure here, to find out more about what we are around our impact on Land.

Download our CSR report



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