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The high street is lined with big-name stores competing to create an enjoyable and memorable experience for customers. As well as creating eye-catching window displays and stocking up on bestselling items, those who manage shops and department stores need to consider the impact that hygiene and safety can have in their establishments.

Why phs

phs helps thousands of large stores to provide professional-quality hygiene and safety products for their customers and staff to use. From beautifully maintained washrooms to dirt and moisture-absorbing mats that help to prevent your shop floors from becoming slippery, our locally-based staff can provide everything you need to keep health and safety in check.

The high street is lined with big-name stores. Standing out from the competition can be challenging.

Creating an enjoyable and memorable experience for your customers takes more than eye-catching window displays offering all the latest trends. You also need to take care of people’s basic needs.

Every retailer has a legal responsibility to provide a safe, hygienic environment for their customers and staff. Doing so could help boost your sales as well.

At phs, we’ll help reassure your customers that you have provided for all their basic needs, leaving them free to concentrate on their retail needs instead.

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AERAMAX PROFESSIONAL cleans the air in four steps. The pre-filter removes larger particles including dust. The Hybrid Filter uses 2 processes to purify the air. First active carbon filtration adsorbs unpleasant odours, gases and pollution eliminating them from the air. Then a large HEPA filter captures particulate matter (PM2.5 and PM10) like bacteria, germs, viruses, dust and allergens. The result is clean purified air that is 99.9% free from airborne contaminants.


The quality of the environment that shops provide for their customers can have a direct impact on sales.

With 50 years of experience in helping businesses to achieve more without compromising on quality, phs understands the issues that matter to shop owners and managers, providing improvements that can boost customer satisfaction and staff retention.

Health and safety standards need to be met in shops, and our fully-accredited team will help to ensure that your store is legally compliant. We’re based in every geographical area, so can be on site quickly whenever and wherever you need us.

phs also understands that shops want to keep costs down and limit their impact on the environment. With a range of products that help to save on water and energy, choosing us as your supplier could help you to reduce bills and maximise profit.

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