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Floorcare Hygiene

Floorcare Hygiene

Employers and building operators have a legal duty of care to protect the health and safety of staff and visitors through safe and hygienic flooring. With 100,000 service mats in businesses we are the go-to specialists for this essential requirement.

Floor care hygiene services from phs start with ‘first defence’ anti-slip mats at building entrances minimising dirt and rainwater walked in from pavements.

Inside our mats protect floors from hazardous spillages in areas including coffee machines, and under washroom hand dryers. Our anti-fatigue mats minimise physical stress on workers, such as machine operators and baristas, whose jobs involve standing.

Health and Safety

phs floor mats meet all relevant floor safety and hygiene requirements, from anti-slip mats in wet areas, such as washrooms, changing rooms and kitchens, to ‘first defence’ entrance and lift mats to stop dirt entering your building.

Contributing to your environmental and ecological credentials, our floor mats are made from ECONYL® yarn, which is recycled from nylon waste. This is nylon from fishing nets, recovered from the oceans and aquaculture, as well as fabric scraps and carpets from mills, which would otherwise be sent to landfill.

Every working day seven people in Ireland are hurt in workplace slips, trips and falls

Slips, trips and falls are the second highest single cause of workplace injuries

Slips, Trips and Falls (STF) were the most common workplace accident type for the Injuries Board

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From 2017 all* our new mats are made with ECONYL® yarn

From 2017 all* our new mats are made with ECONYL® yarn

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Why phs is the leading provider in floorcare hygiene services

Comprehensive range: unlike the competition, we offer a comprehensive range of loose lay and fitted mat solutions. This means we can provide the best solution for the customer.

Specialist cleaning: our laundries are specially designed to clean mats and do not wash other items (such as workwear). This means our wash/dry process is optimised for the specialist needs of heavy duty mats.

Cost saving: existing phs washroom customers get preferential pricing on all our floor care service solutions.

Environment: all our new mats are made from ECONYL® yarn which is a 100% regenerated and regenerable nylon made from waste, such as fluff from carpets, textiles and recovered fishing nets disposed in the sea. So, our mats are not only helping keep your floors clean, they are helping to clean up the oceans.


*not including logo/image mats

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