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Making a difference

The world is producing more and more waste every year as the population grows, works and lives longer.

At phs, we help our customers to deal with the challenges of being human, allowing them to better meet the needs of their customers and staff. It is our responsibility to find more sustainable and innovative solutions to meet these growing needs and reduce our collective impact on the environment. 

Innovative products

From energy reducing hand dryers to water saving technology, phs places a strong emphasis on developing innovative products and services that make a genuine difference to energy use and its impact on the environment.

We are continuously striving to find new ways of delivering environmentally-friendly solutions to our customers.

Being good neighbours

As well as developing innovative products and services that tackle our everyday needs in the most sustainable ways, we also take our role as a good neighbour seriously and aim to reduce our impact on the communities we serve.

Our £1.2m investment in fuel-efficient driver training is just one of the projects that have helped us to reduce our carbon footprint by 12,000 tonnes in just three years.

As the leading hygiene services provider in Ireland and the UK, our team of more than 3,000 expert personnel service more than 300,000 locations. This gives us full coverage to a population of more than 100 million, so we take our impact on the environment seriously.

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