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Healthcare Sector

Healthcare Sector

Operating a healthcare facility means balancing affordability and legal compliance with patient wellbeing and this is no small feat for medical centres and hospitals.

Staff are understandably focused on the needs of their patients and, in these high-pressure environments, they do not always have time to ensure that other areas of the organisation are being run in the most efficient manner possible.

Why phs

As a specialist in the sector, phs has been supplying the healthcare sector for many decades, providing discreet and efficient services at times that are convenient to our customers. Our professional and accredited staff work with thousands of healthcare institutions and we are happy to advise on cost-saving measures whilst ensuring patient well-being is maximised

Looking after legal compliance and patient wellbeing is no small task for medical centres.

It is a high-pressure environment and, in focussing on the needs of your patients, the condition of your building and equipment might not be a day-to-day priority.

Every medical centre has a legal duty to provide the highest levels of cleanliness and hygiene, and that is exactly what we specialise in.

Our highly trained service experts will work with you to make sure you create the right environment for your staff and patients.

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phs shines a light on washrooms

phs shines a light on washrooms

"It was challenging trying to keep the washrooms fresh and clean with such a large number of pupils, many of whom are still young. We needed support. phs quickly came up with solutions to tackle the bad odours we were experiencing and to prevent them from building up again, as well as other solutions to keep our washrooms running efficiently and cost-effectively."

Next door. Everywhere

With teams in every geographical location, you can rely on our staff to help you wherever you’re based. Whether you need fast deliveries, emergency maintenance or advice on meeting the latest regulations, trust phs to handle everything you need to keep your hospital or surgery running smoothly.

Our installation and service visits will always be arranged at your convenience. phs can even help your hospital or medical centre save money, advising on cost-saving measures that can reduce your energy and water bills without compromising on patient welfare.

For the health and safety of patients, all hospitals are required to store, segregate and dispose of clinical waste using the correct procedures. The time and effort required to do this may feel like a distraction from treating patients, but it needn’t be this way.

Doctors and nurses are rightly focused on offering the best possible care for the people they treat. That’s why hundreds of hospitals choose to outsource responsibilities such as washroom maintenance and clinical waste management to the experienced team of experts at phs.

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