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Clubs and Organisations

Clubs and community organisations have a duty of care and a reputational need to keep their washroom facilities hygienic and welcoming, but budgetary constraints can be a challenge. At phs we help to reduce costs and take the pressure of your staff in maintaining high standards of hygiene.

Why phs is the leading hygiene provider in Clubs and Organisations

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Nationwide Coverage

With nationwide coverage of Ireland, phs Group deliver flexible washroom and floor care hygiene services that meet your hours of opening and cleaning schedules perfectly.

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Comprehensive Range

From maintaining your washroom hygiene and air care provision, to disposing of sanitary waste, we can supply all the products and maintenance services your club needs to maintain your image and operate efficiently.

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Meeting Regulations

All clubs and organisations in Ireland have a duty of care obligation under the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations 2007. phs has the experience, technology and service coverage to ensure you comply with all relevant regulations and keep your guests and customers safe and happy.

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We know that getting the basics right will make all the difference. Your guests want an unforgettable experience, and we have the hygiene products, services and expertise you need to make sure your members and guests are looked after to the highest standards.

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Even at the highest levels running clubs can be a financially tight business. We also know that local councils, strict regulations, and your members themselves, all have increasingly high expectations for what you can deliver.

Providing a clean and welcoming space for the people who use your facilities can be a difficult task for staff and volunteers to perform, which is where the professional hygiene services of phs come in.

We ensure that you have the correct health and safety measures in place to meet the regulatory requirements in your world.

phs can help you create a safe and comfortable environment, that your members will be proud to be a part of.

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AIRSCENT ATOM leisure case study

AIRSCENT ATOM leisure case study

The washrooms are located near to the entrance of the golf club. For the first time ever, the fragrance from the air fresheners has actually carried through to the entrance as well as the Golf Pro shop. Numerous staff members and customers have said just how welcoming the entrance and golf shop are as a result. That's especially great as many of our golfers are returning to the club after a day of sport, so the pleasant aroma is certainly helpful.

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