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Male Incontinence

Male Incontinence Matters 

In the washroom, we believe in equality and inclusivity. We have the obligation, as the leading provider of hygiene services in Ireland, UK, and Spain, to inspire long-term changes. 

Male washrooms have typically lacked facilities, particularly when it comes to disposing of hygienic waste such as incontinence products. Taking on the taboo while also saving the environment, we understand what men require when they visit a washroom, and we are motivated to provide solutions that allow all men to dispose of their incontinence waste with dignity.  



The male incontinence bin from phs is a discreet unit that fits into cubicles comfortably. It allows users to dispose of incontinence waste in the privacy of their cubicle. 

Businesses can create 'safe places' for men to dispose of their waste discreetly by introducing an incontinence bin into their cubicles; addressing the hygienic needs of workers and customers while also helping to lessen the stigma around male incontinence. Show incontinence who's boss at work.  


We are huge advocates for not flushing hygiene products down the toilet and instead, binning them. The same is true for male washrooms. Without suitable disposal options for hygienic waste such as incontinence products, they may be flushed down the toilet, producing additional challenges and costs, or they may be placed in a bag and disposed of later. Neither is ideal, but with a discreet disposal method in place, more can be done to ensure waste is properly and sustainably disposed of. 

phs Group has partnered with Panda to ensure all customers hygiene waste in Ireland is diverted away from landfill and created into an alternative fuel source.


What is the scale of the issue? What do men think about male incontinence bins? We have the answers.

Hygiene and washrooms is our day-to-day job and we are well positioned to voice concerns about the challenges in male washrooms. We're happy to launch the Male Incontinence - Dispose with Dignity whitepaper, which delves into the taboos surrounding male incontinence, washroom inequity, and men's attitudes on coping with incontinence in public washrooms. 

Download the Male Incontinence – Dispose with Dignity whitepaper.  

Case Studies 

You can never completely comprehend anything unless you experience it for yourself. Please meet Errol, who courageously shared his story.

*National Library of Medicine - https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/20541241/ 

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