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How to Properly Dispose of Clinical Waste in Ireland

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The proper disposal of clinical waste is critical for maintaining a safe and sanitary environment. Clinical waste is made up of a variety of products, ranging from needles and sharps to dressings and cleaning supplies. Because these materials have the potential to contaminate and transmit illness, all clinical waste must be disposed of correctly.

Learn more about clinical waste disposal and the steps you may take at your workplace.

Clinical Waste Types

Clinical waste can come in a variety of forms in a healthcare environment, including:

  • Materials tainted with body fluids and blood (including bandages, bedding, etc.)
  • Sharps are objects such as syringes, scalpels, lancets, and so on.
  • Medication and pharmaceutical items
  • PPE
  • Tissue derived from humans or animals

Clinical trash is classified differently from other forms of garbage such as plastics, hand towels, and food waste. To eliminate waste, clinical waste has its own protocols and waste disposal units, which differ from the conventional recycling or general waste process.

Why is proper clinical waste disposal required?

Clinical waste must be disposed of properly for a variety of reasons, including:

The danger of disease spread

The World Health Organization estimates that 15% of waste created by healthcare activities is infectious, poisonous, or radioactive. By properly disposing of trash, it is possible to avoid the unintended discharge of biological and chemical risks that might harm patients, workers, and the general public.

Proper disposal of objects such as sharps also helps to prevent injuries and the various transmissible infections that can occur as a result of improper clinical waste disposal.

Cost increases as a result of improper disposal

Chemical waste improperly disposed of might result in increased waste disposal expenses. The NHS is now coping with increased amounts of clinical trash, but it has also said that clinical waste bags are being utilised for general rubbish at a substantial expense. Sending garbage for heat recovery costs 45% more than recycling, wasting resources that may easily be avoided.

Greener policies and sustainability

Properly disposing of clinical waste will assist to enhance your overall waste management. You can recycle recyclable material and dispose of other rubbish properly if you use the proper receptacles.

According to the WNO, poor healthcare waste disposal might pollute water and the environment. With the proper disposal measures in place, this becomes less of a concern to the environment, as well as to humans and animals.

It is a statutory necessity.

There are special guidelines for healthcare staff to guarantee safe clinical waste management and disposal. The Healthcare Technical Memorandum (HTM) 07 01 - Safe Management of Healthcare Waste explains why healthcare professionals must follow the duty of care standards to preserve the safety of persons and workplaces.

How to properly dispose of clinical waste

Clinical waste may be disposed of safely and effectively if the proper processes are followed. A colour-coded system has been implemented to make it easier for organisations to dispose of rubbish, therefore improving waste management operations and saving time and money.

Yellow Lid

Needles and syringes that have been tainted with blood or medications.

Orange Lid

Blood-contaminated waste, such as bandages, gloves, and wipes

Blue Lid

Pharmaceutical waste includes unused or expired medications. This excludes cytotoxic and cytostatic waste associated with hormone or chemotherapy therapies.

Purple Lid

Waste from hormone or chemotherapy therapies that is cytotoxic and cytostatic.

Black and Yellow Bags

Nappies and other offensive but non-infectious trash that does not include drugs or pharmaceuticals

Red Lid

Tissue is an anatomical waste.

Black Bags

Waste disposal in general.

Using the right coloured waste disposal system helps guarantee that garbage is disposed of properly, preserving health and safety.

Essential clinical waste supplies from phs 

phs provide everything you need to properly dispose of your clinical waste. We recognise the need of keeping a safe workplace and complying with regulations regarding proper clinical waste disposal. We will not only offer the bags and containers needed to handle your garbage, but we will also collect them at a frequency that is convenient for you.

phs is a significant seller of healthcare hygiene products in the United Kingdom. We offer a total garbage solution that is legally acceptable and safe, owing to our qualified workforce. We can even improve your compliance practices by keeping you informed of the most recent recommendations and rules. With complete clinical waste services, phs is a reliable healthcare provider.

Request a quote today to learn more about our services. Our experts will gladly advise you on best practices and ensure you have the appropriate waste management equipment for your business.

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