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Carbon Footprint

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Our commitment to reducing carbon

Reducing our carbon footprint is a commitment we take seriously. Our employees undertake 20,000 service visits at customer sites every day and the fuel used in our vehicles accounts for 75% of our carbon footprint. For us, finding low carbon operational solutions is vital in reducing our impact on the environment and to create a greener future.

We are focussing our efforts in three areas:

1) choosing efficient vehicles, 2) reducing the fuel we use and 3) embracing low carbon innovations.

phs Group has made great strides to date. Large investments in our fleet and driving technique training has improved our average driver mpg by over 15%.

We have invested over £16 million in new vehicles, reducing the numbers on the road and consolidating routes to reduce fuel use.

We still have work to do, and will continue to make improvements wherever we can. We have a large diesel fleet, which represents a huge opportunity to reduce our impact, and we are introducing electric vans in urban areas to find ways to reduce our footprint even further.

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