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Medical Centres

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Medical Centres

At phs Group, we act as a single, cost-effective supplier to medical centres, helping them provide the highest levels of cleanliness and care. We will help you meet your strict legal responsibilities and achieve the highest levels of hygiene.

Why phs is Ireland’s leading hygiene provider for medical centres

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Legal compliance

Our experts will advise you on legislation, and make sure you meet all your health and safety duties.

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Specialist services

We offer a specialist solution for the disposal of sanitary waste for medical centres.

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Bespoke scheduling

We work with you as a partner to deliver hygiene services in a way that causes minimal disruption for staff, patients and their visitors.

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Comprehensive ranges

Our wide product range enables us to provide everything needed to achieve the highest levels of hygiene, and it is all in one place

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We know that medical centres are a high-pressure environment and balancing cost, legal compliance and patient well-being can be a challenge.

Whilst focusing on the needs of your patients, the condition of your building and equipment might not be a day-to-day priority.

We will make it ours. Every medical centre has a legal duty to provide the highest levels of cleanliness and hygiene, and that is exactly what we are best at.

Our highly trained service experts will work with you to make sure you create the right environment for your staff and patients alike.

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14th Jan 2022



AERAMAX PROFESSIONAL cleans the air in four steps. The pre-filter removes larger particles including dust. The Hybrid Filter uses 2 processes to purify the air. First active carbon filtration adsorbs unpleasant odours, gases and pollution eliminating them from the air. Then a large HEPA filter captures particulate matter (PM2.5 and PM10) like bacteria, germs, viruses, dust and allergens. The result is clean purified air that is 99.9% free from airborne contaminants.

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