A range of bins with sustainable waste disposal.

Poorly managed sanitary bins make a bad first impression for visitors, and do little to encourage confidence or loyalty towards your organisation.

Getting the basics, like sanitary bins, bag dispensers and surface sanitisers, right will make all the difference. We have a range of sizes to meet your requirements.


Sanitary Bin
eclipse discreet auto1.jpg

phs ECLIPSE DISCREET Auto Sanitary Disposal Bin (Black)

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phs ECLIPSE DISCREET Auto Sanitary Disposal Bin (Black)
Sanitary Bin

phs ECLIPSE DISCREET - Sanitary Disposal Bin

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phs ECLIPSE DISCREET - Sanitary Disposal Bin
Sanitary Bin

phs ECLIPSE Sanitary Disposal Bin

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phs ECLIPSE Sanitary Disposal Bin
Sanitary Bin
Eclipse™ Xtra Sanitary Disposal Grey Base Grey Lid.jpg

phs ECLIPSE XTRA Sanitary Disposal

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phs ECLIPSE XTRA Sanitary Disposal

phs Sanitary Bag Dispenser

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phs Sanitary Bag Dispenser
Vending Machine

phs Slimline Coin Free Vend

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phs Slimline Coin Free Vend

I would like to make it noted, that Gavin Green has been looking after the Village Hyde sanitary bins ect, Gavin always goes above/beyond of what is expected from his duties. He is an asset to the company. We can always tell when he has been due to his attention to detail :) Keep up the good work it is much appreciated. Thank You Gavin!!

Dawn Jenkinson

Key benefits

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Community Engagement

By encouraging participation in local fundraising and volunteer activities, we actively connect with the communities we operate in.

Sustainable waste management

The industry-leading phs LifeCycle Strategy diverts hygiene waste away from landfill and sends it to energy recovery facilities (ERFs).

Sustainable waste disposal

Collected hygiene waste is diverted away from landfill and disposed of sustainably with the industry-leading phs LifeCycle Strategy.

A Sustainable Partnership

phs offer a range of services to help your business achieve CSR targets, while ensuring your workplace is clean and safe.

More sustainable washrooms

The washroom is often overlooked when working to reduce your businesses carbon footprint. But it only takes a few small changes to make washrooms more eco-friendly environments.

Supply Chain Responsibility

We are committed to maintaining ethical relationships with our suppliers, with business goals deeply grounded in social responsibility.

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Why choose phs?

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Frequently asked questions

PHS employs a LifeCycle Strategy to divert sanitary waste from landfills to partner Energy From Waste specialists, turning it into sustainable energy that powers homes, hospitals, offices, and factories.

PHS offers a range of sanitary bins including the ECLIPSE™ DISCREET, ECLIPSE™ XTRA, and various models suitable for disposing of nappies or incontinence waste. These bins are designed to be hygienic and suit different cubicle sizes.

Yes, PHS allows businesses to set their service schedules for bin collections. They work collaboratively to ensure the delivery of hygienically clean sanitary bins with every visit.

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