5L Auto Hand Sanitiser Station

5L auto hand san station.jpg
5L auto hand san station.jpg

5L Auto Hand Sanitiser Station

Our 5L automatic hand sanitiser station dispenses 1ml of sanitiser per activation. Its automatic operation will help reduce the risk of cross contamination and the spread of germs and viruses, encouraging good hand hygiene. This dispenser is designed to provide alcohol based liquid hand sanitiser in building entrances and key locations, perfect for keeping the germs at bay.

Non-alcoholic and alcoholic sanitiser can be used in the dispenser.

Pump dispensing 1ml of sanitiser per activation.

5,000 doses per 5L bottle.

Additional built in storage capacity for 4x5L bottles of sanitiser.

Lockable cabinet for increased safety.

Designed to instantly grab the attention of desired users

Easily protects employees, customers, and visitors

Automatically dispense operation to limit user touch points

Can be replenished as part of a phs service contract or supplied on a contracted consumable

Sturdy and stable unit

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