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Primary Schools

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Primary Schools

Looking after hygiene services for 24,000 schools, phs Group is best placed to enable you to meet your duty of care obligations for restroom hygiene and floor care.

Why phs is Ireland’s leading hygiene provider for primary schools

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Discreet servicing

Our flexible and discreet washroom hygiene services for primary schools are tailored to your teaching schedule and sensitive to the needs of your staff and students.

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One-stop supplier

phs has the nationwide coverage to service all your buildings, saving you admin time and money as a one-stop single supplier with one all-encompassing contract.

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Comprehensive ranges

From full-service washroom hygiene equipment and consumables, to air purifiers and floor care, the wide phs product range meets all your building hygiene needs.

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Duty of Care

Our building hygiene products and services and know-how enables phs to ensure our educational clients meet their legal health and safety and duty of care obligations to staff, students and visitors.

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Primary schools have to manage tight budgets, a busy curriculum, and all the complex needs of your pupils.

Providing clean, safe facilities is about more than just meeting your legal duty to protect the pupils and staff in your school. It will help make personal hygiene a part of your children’s wider learning.

At phs, we’ll help you make personal hygiene a core subject, leaving your staff free to deliver the rest of the curriculum.

Industry insights from our experts

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South Devon College

The floors and walkways in South Devon College had to withstand the daily wear and tear of hundreds of pairs of student feet.

Even on its own this amount of traffic would’ve created a cleaning challenge, however when the vinyl flooring had been installed it hadn’t been sealed.

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