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Consumables Services

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Consumables Services

phs Group’s consumable service removes the need to manually reorder essentials such as toilet paper, sanitisers, paper towels and soap. Our competitively priced consumables are automatically despatched to customers across Ireland, ensuring the highest standards of washroom care.

 Our consumable contracts include:

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Our consumables include:

  • Toilet tissues
  • Soap
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Paper hand towels
  • Cleaning products
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Forecast reordering

phs ensures you never run out of consumable essentials, such as toilet tissue, paper towels and other consumables. Our contact system allows us to forecast when you need to reorder, enabling us to replenish your stock at the right time.

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Wide range

With phs you are not tied to one supplier as we source products from across the market. We can therefore offer a wider selection of supplies, providing our clients with the most appropriate products at the most cost effective prices.

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48-hour delivery

The consumables side of phs operates from one centrally located warehouse. This enables us to provide a fast service with a guaranteed 48-hour delivery from the time your order is processed. 

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Consumables Products

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Leaving your staff and visitors without basic items like toilet tissue, soap or paper towels is not a pleasant experience and gives a poor impression of the business that runs that washroom. It leaves people feeling embarrassed, inconvenienced and frustrated.

An absence of essential consumables is also a health risk and can result in dirty, unhygienic washrooms that pose a threat to customers’ and staff’s well-being.

Our contracts are designed to take away the hassle of re-ordering stock and negotiating lower prices. We automatically dispatch what you need, when you need it, at a fixed price for three years, so you can get on with running your business.

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Aeramax Pro GP case study

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