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A multiple winner of Irish technology awards, Ancove is your waste management partner, providing innovative solutions to reduce your waste disposal costs.

High quality Ancove waste handling products have been made in Sweden since 1971. Ancove, part of the phs Group, is the sole distributor of Orwak waste handling products in Ireland.

With organisations in Ireland paying the €75 government levy for each tonne of waste disposed in landfill, Ancove helps reduce their waste costs, through compacting and baling technology.

Best Waste Management Technology Award 2018 at the 2018 Irish Enterprise Awards

With customers in the hospitality, commercial and manufacturing sectors, we 

offer the widest range of waste balers and compactors available. From high capacity balers, to space saving bin compactors, we will provide you with the perfect waste handling solution to suit your site and budget and help you comply with waste handling regulations.

Ancove baler and compactors will:

  • Reduce your waste disposal costs
  • Free up space in your premises
  • Contribute to Ireland’s EU waste reduction target
  • Potentially provide you with an extra revenue stream

The amount of the levy for all wastes shall be €75 for each tonne of waste disposed of at a landfill.

Free Waste Cost Audit

To help reduce the waste costs of businesses in Ireland, Ancove offers a bespoke and comprehensive free waste cost audit. This no obligation analysis service provides you with expert advice and guidance, detailing the real waste disposal savings you can enjoy using balers and compactors. 

Landfill Tax Regulations Ireland

Under the latest Waste Management (Landfill Levy) Regulations 2015, The government charges €75 per tonne for commercial waste disposed of in landfill. This levy is payable on top of whatever fee local authorities or private landfill owners charge for use of their site. Although the levy is standard in all landfill sites, gate fees may vary from site to site.

Money from this levy goes towards the Environmental Fund set up to provide finance for environmental projects. With landfill is becoming an ever increasingly expensive option, the levy encourages waste producers to reduce the amount of waste they throw away, promote recycling initiatives and make it more financially attractive to invest in innovative waste reduction equipment and services such as provided by Ancove.

Contact us on 014 659 670 to find out how we can help reduce your landfill levy bill

With Ireland producing over 2.6 million tonnes of waste a year, every business has a legal duty to deal with its waste responsibly, reduce its reliance on landfill and increase the amount it recycles.

Cardboard and plastic waste are the most common types of waste affecting businesses and the costs of managing and disposing of this waste can be high unless it is managed correctly.

As well as technology to help you better manage your waste and reduce your waste disposal costs, our expert team offers advice and guidance on the latest waste regulations and opportunities to generate revenue in the recycling market.

Industry insights from out experts

Our services

Our services

With our network of fully qualified in-house engineers, we are there, wherever you are and whenever you need us.

Our flexible rental, service and maintenance plans are tailored to meet your exact needs, ensuring your equipment runs smoothly with access to expert repairs and our extensive range of parts.

In recent years we have helped over 5,000 customers reduce their waste costs.

Our range of accessories, which are suitable for any brand of baler and compactor, are available for next day delivery too, offering high quality products as soon as you need them.

Bag & Bin Compactors

Compactors offer businesses and organisations a great way of saving money on their waste disposal.

Using high pressure to compact your waste in a safe manner enables waste producers to fit more waste in your wheelie bins, pay less for waste collections, and also free up some space due to lsss bin usage.

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Bottle crushing

Bottle crushers are used throughout the hospitality sector

Ideal for businesses that produce large volumes of bottle such as hotel, bars, restaurants, events and venues, the BB06 glass bottle crusher can crush 680 bottles in 10 minutes.

It offers a compact and efficient solution to businesses that need to dispose of empty bottles.

Designed to fit a wheeled bin, in use the bin is wheeled into place and the crushing plate compacts the waste within, without having to remove it from the container.


  • Reduces bottle volume by 5:1
  • Extraction system filters fine dust created
    during crushing
  • High volume, easy feed machine
  • Low noise and energy efficient
  • Small machine footprint
  • Mobile for ease of movement


  • Patented technology
  • Reduces glass to cullet size
  • Rated throughput over 2 tons per hour
  • Extraction system filters fine dust created during crushing
  • Heavy duty construction
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