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Period Equality

period equality

We’re creating period equality

We believe that all girls should have access to free sanitary products – because they’re a necessity not a luxury. According to Plan International, half of females aged 12-19 in Ireland who were surveyed last year said they have experienced issues paying for sanitary products.

As a result of this research, the government has set up a committee to deal with period equality. The new committee is chaired by the Department of Health and includes representation from a number of government departments and NGOs, including the National Women’s Council of Ireland and the Department of Finance. The committee, which has met once already, aims to deal with the issue of period equality in greater detail. Earlier this year, Health Minister Simon Harris committed to taking action on free sanitary products in public buildings, and the Oireachtas passed a motion calling on the government to provide free sanitary products in many public buildings, such as Leinster House.

The campaign to tackle period equality is growing nationally with Scotland being the first government to announce a directive for free sanitary products in schools, colleges and universities.

phs is working with educational institutes across the UK to develop the best solution possible to providing free products to girls. This includes creating a new free-vend machine which is already being used to offer free sanitary products to young girls. phs has also been approached by businesses in the private sector who want to do more for their staff and offer them free sanitary products and have subsequently installed their own free vend machines.

 As we strive to help create period equality, phs free-vend machines offer a discreet and convenient solution to organisations enabling them to offer products to young girls who cannot afford them.

Period Poverty Taskforce

phs are proud to be contributing to a newly formed Period Poverty Taskforce, chaired by Minister for Women and Equalities, Plan International UK and Procter & Gamble. The taskforce will focus on tackling period poverty, providing period equality and ending stigma around menstruation, providing a joined-up approach, working with experts from all sectors and learning from and building on existing initiatives.

Coin-free vends

phs has introduced a coin free vending machine, to help alleviate some of the anxiety and embarrassment young women feel every month when faced with having to purchase hygiene products they can’t afford. The phs purpose-designed free-vend dispenser was created in response to the growing period equality agenda and rise in demand from our customers. Free-vend machines are a real solution as installing these within washrooms gives females who need it instant and discreet access to sanitary products without the embarrassment or inconvenience of having to visit an office or school nurse.

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