Case Studies

At PHS Washrooms we believe in putting our customers first, and think that it is very important to satisfy their wide ranging needs. We are always happy to learn about how our customers have benifited from our products, and feel that it is important to pass this experience on to others.

Here are some Case Studies on how we have helped our customers. Please click on the business name to read the case study.

NO-GERMS Hand Sanitiser

Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, Scotland

"Infection control is fundamental throughout the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh and working with PHS allows us to achieve the best possible standards. NO-GERMS is an ideal solution to hand sanitising as it is alcohol-free and 99.9% effective against germs and viruses"

Charles Neilson, Operations ManagerBiozone

Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, Scotland

"Biozone is an excellent product for hospitals, as it has helps us to control infection without adding to the workload of our staff, giving everybody peace of mind."

Charles Neilson, Operations Manager

Bowlplex Tenpin Bowling Centres, NationwideBiozone

"Being such a busy bowling centre with lots of customers visiting each and every day, removing problem odours is very important. Biozone has made a huge difference in keeping bad odours under control and im pleased to say that we've had success with Biozone in all of our 18 centres."

Ben Carne, Safety, Health and Environment Manager24/7 Priority

The Loch Ness Clansman Hotel, Scotland

“We know that people will judge us on certain important parts of the facilities we offer and we pride ourselves on the total experience they have here and know that the washrooms are an important part of this.”

Rory Cameron, OwnerAirforce Hand Dryer

Aquila Truck Centres Ltd

“As a company that is moving towards ISO 14001, we are delighted with the Airforce hand dryers as they save us energy, time and money but dry hands more comfortably than our previous dryers – we win in every way!”

Mak Khan, IT and Facilities ManagerAirforce Hand Dryer

Cocks Moors Woods Leisure Centre, West Midlands

“I am very impressed with the new Airforce hand dryers. Their low energy use means that we’re saving money and they also look great! There are no water drips on the wall below the dryer or the floor, as had happened with previous hand dryers.”

Tim Green, Assistant ManagerAirforce Hand Dryer

Preston City Council

“As an organisation that is working towards increasing its Carbon Reduction Commitment, Preston City Council is delighted with the Airforce hand dryers as they are saving us energy and money, which can be redirected to important areas across the Council.”

John Bradley, Building Services/Facilities Manager

BiozoneThe Borough Bar, Sunderland

“What a difference Biozone makes – the customers and staff comment on the lack of smell now coming from the men’s, even when it is busy. Biozone is definitely value for money, and if I was to rate it out of 10 it would be 10/10”.

Danny Ostridge, ManagerFlush-wiser Urinal Flush ControlFlush-wiser WC Flush Control

MWB Business Exchange Centres plc

“Both products have helped MWB reduce our environmental impact by saving water which is very important to us and our customers.”

Rasik Popat, Purchasing Manager

Flush-wiser WC Flush ControlThe Lewis Partnership

“Installing Flush-wiser has been a really positive step in improving our environmental rating. The instillation was very efficient and there has been no loss in water pressure or compromising of flush hygiene.”

Ben Lain, Operations Manager

Flush-wiser WC Flush ControlAirforce Hand DryerNew College, Swindon

“The working relationship we have with PHS is a partnership with the interests of the College at heart. PHS provides products and services that enhance the experience of the many thousands of people attending the College, whist minimising our impact on the environment and offering us value for money.”

Charlie Chestnutt, Facilities Manager

BiozoneHand SanitiserWombwell High School, South Yorkshire

“Installing NO-GERMS hand sanitiser dispensers and Biozone units has helped us to flight infection without any hassle and infection issues have disappeared.”

Mark Fisher, Facilities Manager

Flush-wiser Urinal Flush ControlFlush-wiser WC Flush ControlAirforce Hand DryerWombwell High School, South Yorkshire

"Installing these products has enables us to save hundreds of pounds a year, with no effect on routine or hygiene. I’m happy that it has been so easy to save water, energy and money.”

Mark Fisher, Facilities ManagerFlush-wiser Urinal Flush Control

Branksome and Upper Parkstone Conservative Club, Dorset

“Since installing Flush-wiser Urinal Flush Controls we have seen a huge reduction in the amount of water used to flush the urinals, without any increase in malodours.”

Carol Neale, SecretaryUltrazoneFlush-wiser Urinal Flush Control

St Bede’s Roman Catholic Comprehensive School

“PHS Washrooms had proven that any problem can be resolved with the right advice, the right team and a suitable range of products.”

John Hutchinson, Facilities Manager

St Mary's School, DorsetAdapta Taps

“We had terrible problems with pupils leaving taps running and causing damage to décor, floors and ceilings. The Adapta Taps have certainly solved this problem and they were installed without any problems.”

Alan Blake, Domestic Bursar


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