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Spectrum Sleeve, exclusive to PHS Washrooms, combines the very latest in bio-block and urinal sleeve technology to create the perfect solution to the problems of urinal smells and blockages. It is designed specifically for the Twyford Spectrum urinal bowl, so that these urinals can benefit from PHS' Eco-shield technology.

  • The latest bio-block and urinal sleeve technology
  • Measurable cost savings
  • Protects against urinal smells and blockages
  • Environmentally friendly

    Through its Nurazyme™ bio-block and unique one-way odour trap ‘shield’, Spectrum Sleeve protects against urinal smells and blockages by breaking down the build-up of uric salt and limescale using natural enzymes and ‘friendly’ bacteria. Nurazyme has been independently tested and proven to contain more active bugs than other urinal sleeve products on the market (Independently tested by International Laboratory Services July 2007). Contact Us

    Spectrum Sleeve is an environmentally sound means of dealing with the dual problems of urinal smells and blockages without the need for harmful chemicals, urinal blocks and constant flushing. Its unique design reduces blockages which keeps urinal traps and pipe work clear, as well as keepings bad odours at bay. Spectrum Sleeve enhances the appearance of and significantly improves the male washroom for staff, visitors and customers.

    The installation of Spectrum Sleeve brings cost savings from reduced blockages, no chemical use, lower water use, easier cleaning and low maintenance for staff.
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