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Exclusive to PHS Washrooms, this intelligent water management system uses an Infra-red sensor to Flow-saverdetect movement and can be programmed to flush at set intervals using it's real time clock. This ensures that hygiene is not compromised but maximum water savings are made. Hygiene standards are maintained when there are no users, with a hygiene flush once every 12 hours.

  • Can save up to 96% of water 
  • Can be programmed to flush at set intervals
  • Hygiene flush once Contact Usevery 12 hours
  • Will help you meet sustainability targets


Flow-saver® can save customers up to 96% (on average 70%) of water when compared to an uncontrolled cistern and up to 30% against an "unintelligent" system (dependent upon urinal usage). It will help you to meet sustainability targets at the same time as reducing costs.

Flow-saver can be used in conjuction in with Eco-shield, PHS' new urinal sleeve, for maximum water efficiency and freshness within the washroom.

Calculate Your Savings
Number of urinal cisterns Flush interval with Flow-saver (mins)
Urinal cistern size (L) Water charge per m3
Operational flushes per day without Flow-saver Sewerage charge per m3
Number of days site open per year Annual rental (per unit)
Operational hours per day

The savings you are about to see are maximum savings and should only be used for guidance. For a more detailed calculation, please speak to your PHS Washrooms Sales Representative, or call 029 2080 9090 quoting ref S1240

Calculate Savings
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