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PHS Water Services provides award winning water saving devices to help reduce your water bill, as well as products to help you maintain hygienic WCs and urinals, and keep your washrooms smelling fresh and clean. 

Flush-wiser WC Flush ControlFlush-wiser® WC Flush Control is a uniquely adaptable water saving device for WCs that can save up to 3 litres of water per flush without compromising hygiene. Find out more... 

Flow-saver Water Management SystemFlow-saver® Water Managment System uses innovative patented technology to save up to 96% of water used in urinals. 
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Eco-shield Urinal SleeveEco-shield™ is a urinal sleeve that uses the very latest in fragrance and bio-block technology to reduce the problems of urinal smells and blockages. 
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SaverTaps are retro-fitted to turn existing taps into more efficient push taps, saving up to 80% of water and reducing wasted water. 
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Autosan Cistern SanitiserAutosan is an automatic dosing sanitising unit for urinal and WCs that deodorises and destroys bacteria, helping keep your washrooms clean and hygienic. 
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Flush-active powers away hard water stains whilst reducing the occurrence of bacteria, leaving toilets fresh and sanitised. 
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A selection of 6 modern and vibrant colours.


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Uses approximately 80% less energy than a traditional dryer.



A exclusive range of stylish and contemporary washroom products.


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