Misc Services Dustmats

PHS DustmatsPHS Dustmats are functional barriers that can be strategically placed within a building to prevent the transfer of soiling from a dirty area to a clean one. They are ideal for all types of buildings be they factories, offices, shops or restaurants.

The benefits:

  • Strategically placing a mat within a building can prevent up to 70% of outside dirt coming in
  • Our mats will prevent falls in slippery areas
  • Our high quality mats, with flexible rubber backing and luxurious pile, will protect your floors from damage
  • We can guarantee that our mats will be exchanged every week without exception
  • We can guarantee that all our mats will be lifted and laid in the most advantageous locations
  • Our delivery and service staff are courteous and cooperative
  • Your flooring costs will be reduced due to less need for cleaning or replacement

 For further information on PHS' Dustmats, please email Martin Gillett or call us on 01 643 4680

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