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Auto Hand Towel Dispenser

The PHS Auto Hand Towel Dispenser provides a hygienic, practical and 100% usage paper supply for all environments.

  • Eliminates wastage
  • Optimum hygiene
  • Self-presenting paper
  • Excellent value for money

This dispenser eliminates wastage by ensuring that 100% of the paper is used, providing excellent value for money. Contact Us

Constructed from strong and durable ABS plastic, this lockable dispenser is tough and sturdy as well as being vandal resistant. The smooth surface is easy to clean, ensuring that you can keep your paper dispensers hygienic. Optimum hygiene is also supported by a ‘no touch’ automatic cutting operation and the paper supply is ‘self presenting’, preventing cross contamination.

The Auto Hand Towel Dispenser is available in white, and there is a choice of white or blue paper for the dispenser, making it suitable for all environments.


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