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In addition to NO-GERMSTM, Ireland's number one alcohol-free hand sanitiser, PHS Washrooms offers alcohol based gel hand sanitisers, via its 2 Litre Auto Hand Sanitiser Dispenser. This is the only automatic 2 Litre dispenser in the market place.

  • Ideal all environments including higher footfall areas
  • Comes as a gel
  • Wall-mounted or stand-mounted dispensers
  • Proven to kill NDM-1
  • PHS Washrooms regular, no-hassle servicing

The new 2 Litre Auto Hand Sanitiser Dispenser is ideal for all environments including higher footfall areas, and the unit can be used as both a wall-mounted and stand-mounted dispenser. Contact Us

It automatically dispenses alcohol based hand sanitiser from a 2 Litre cartridge and benefits from PHS Washrooms regular, no-hassle servicing so you will never run out of hand sanitiser. The minimum alcohol content is 70%, and it has been proven to kill NDM-1. The sealed cartridge means that there is no risk of contamination, which combined with no-touch automatic operation enhances this hand sanitiser unit's hygiene benefits. The unit is available in white ABS plastic, which is vandal resistant and rust proof, and a non-clog, non-drip valve ensure reliable operation.

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Uses approximately 80% less energy than a traditional dryer.



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