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This innovative hand dryer uses up to 80% less energy than traditional hand dryers without compromising on performance.

Designed with a sleek appearance, the exclusive to PHS Washrooms Airstream® combines energy efficiency with high performance. 


  • Uses up to 80% less energy
  • Automatic operation
  • 13 seconds dry time Contact Us
  • SteriTouch® antibacterial coating
  • Durable aluminium cover

The Airstream® hand dryer is available in white, nickel, polished chrome and Designer Collection finishes, meaning it won’t be out of place in any washroom.



The Airstream® uses up to 80% less energy than other hand dryers; 1.8kWh per 1,000 drying operations.



The Airstream® has an aluminium cover which is sturdy and long lasting. This dryer weights just 3.5kg, meaning it is suitable for partition and stud walls. Airstream®’s high volume airflow reduces drying times to just 13 seconds.



With an automatic operation and coated with SteriTouch® antibacterial technology, excellent hygiene levels are ensured at all times.The Airstream® is also specifically designed with modern seamless contours to make sure that there are no dirt traps where bacteria can thrive.


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A selection of 6 modern and vibrant colours.


Designer Collection 

Uses approximately 80% less energy than a traditional dryer.



A exclusive range of stylish and contemporary washroom products.


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