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PHS Washrooms offers a Bulk Pack Toilet Tissue Dispenser that dispenses interleaf paper. This is ideal for when toilet roll dispensers are not suitable, for example care environments, as the unit provides easy access to the tissue for all users.

  • Dispense interleaf paper
  • Self-presenting with a single sheet dispensed each time
  • Strong, durable and vandal resistant


    The unit is available in white or polished and brushed chrome Contact Usfinishes, and both units are strong and durable with a lockable hinged cover to prevent vandalism. The white dispenser is made from ABS plastic and the polished and brushed chrome dispensers are made from stainless steel. This dispensers holds two packs of interleaf toilet tissue. The tissue is self-presenting with a single sheet dispensed every time, which makes it easy to use at the same time as preventing cross-contamination of paper.

  • A selection of 6 modern and vibrant colours.


    Designer Collection 

    Uses approximately 80% less energy than a traditional dryer.



    A exclusive range of stylish and contemporary washroom products.


    Nickel Range