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The Mini Eclipse Sanitary Disposal Unit is PHS Washrooms' compact unit, designed to fit in the narrowest of cubicles. 

This discreet unit has a wide disposal aperture and hygienic masking tray which accommodates all types of sanitary dressings. The design enables the unit to be located either side of the WC, and a smooth finish in durable ABS plastic helps the unit to look good for longer. The Mini Eclipse features Braille as standard.Contact Us

PHS’ low profile design ensures that all of our sanitary disposal units are discreet.

Features and benefits:

• Available in grey as standard, with the option of a nickel finish.
• Pedal operated – removes  the need for contact by hand, reducing the risk of cross infection
• Environsan Active Germicide – protects all areas of the unit, tackling bad odours
• SteriTouch® antibacterial protection is incorporated into the lid and flap of the unit, working 24 hours a day to combat bacteria
• Fixed masking flap to help prevent unsightly waste being exposed

All PHS waste transfer stations and vehicles are licensed and fully compliant with waste management regulations - for further information please see our Legislation page.

EnvironsanAll of PHS Washrooms sanitary disposal units include Envirosan® Active, a safe, effective germicide, incorporating a natural enzyme which combats harmful bacteria.  It is certified against HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C and is the only germicide to conform to BS1276 and BS13727.

SteriTouchThe Mini Eclipse incorporates SteriTouch® antibacterial surface protection, protecting against cross-infection and proven to dramatically reduce the risk of the spread of pathogenic germs such as E.coli, salmonella and MRSA.

A selection of 6 modern and vibrant colours.


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Uses approximately 80% less energy than a traditional dryer.



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