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Biozone from PHS Washrooms will resolve permanent odour problems and kill germs by destroying bacteria both in the air and on surfaces, using a unique combination of odour sterilising techniques. It kills viruses to 99.999% and is proven to kill flu viruses.

  • Uses a unique combination of odour sterilising techniques
  • Kills viruses including flu, E.coli, salmonella and streptococcus
  • Works 24 hours a day
  • No chemicals or scents that mask odours

Many types of bacteria and viruses are found in washrooms, including Flu viruses, E.coli, Salmonella, Streptococcus (which can cause urinary tract infections and diarrhoea) and even Hepatitis A. These multiply very quickly and are continually brought into the washroom by new users. In addition, the 'sneeze effect', produced when a toilet is flushed, distributes bacteria around the room, meaning it is difficult to keep on top of problems, even with regular cleaning.

Biozone uses five techniques which work together to kill the bacteria that causes malodours:
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Biozone works in 5 different ways to compact maldours(1) Ozone obliterates bacteria, viruses and fungi, and removes odour from the air

(2) Photoplasma, a type of energised oxygen, eliminates the reproductive capability and reduces the number of micro-organisms, which disinfects the air

(3) Negative ions decrease the total concentration of harmful chemicals in the air

(4) Deep-UV-light sterilises micro-organisms that pass through the unit

(5) Photo Catalytic Oxidation process destroys volatile organic compounds, such as methane, on the surface material.

Biozone is an extremely effective odour neutralising, air purification unit for problem areas, improving the environment for staff, visitors and customers. It works 24 hours a day using a unique combination of air sterilising techniques to tackle the sources of malodours, both in the air and on surfaces. It does not use chemicals or scents to mask odours.

Proven to remove and prevent micro-organisms (e.g. bacteria, viruses, mould, fungi, and yeast), tobacco smoke, odour, Volatile Organic Compounds, and other contaminants, Biozone is suitable for larger areas with problem odours. Biozone is not just suitable for washrooms, but also effective in any area that has problem odours, for example food preparation areas, manufacturing sites and nursing homes. With its germ-killing qualities, it is also ideal for areas such as doctors waiting rooms.

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