Aircare ServicesAircare Services
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The Aircare Range from PHS Washrooms has recently grown to ensure that we offer a solution for every air freshening problem. 

Airscent BurstAirscent Burst is an aerosol air freshening unit that offers fragrancing and odour neutralising in one battery operated unit. 
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Airscent BreezeAirscent Breeze is a battery operated non-aerosol fragrancing and odour neutralising unit that dispserses a natural and lasting essential oil based fragrance. 
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Air-o-matic - air fragrancing for larger areasAir-o-matic is a mains operated non-aerosol air fragrancing and odour neutralising unit for larger areas. 
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Ultrazone - odour neutralising for smaller washroomsUltrazone is an effective, ozone based air cleaning and freshening system for small to medium areas. 
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Biozone - neutralises malodours killing bateria and virusesBiozone resolves problem odours and kills germs in larger areas using a unique combination of odour sterilising techniques. Proven to kill viruses, including flu viruses, to 99.999%. Find out more...

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A selection of 6 modern and vibrant colours.


Designer Collection 

Uses approximately 80% less energy than a traditional dryer.



A exclusive range of stylish and contemporary washroom products.


Nickel Range