SMARTdri™: the ultimate in flexibilitySMARTdri

SMARTdri is the latest in product development from World Dryer, the leading name in hand dryers, and is a completely flexible, personalised solution which allows the end-user to decide how much power they want their dryer to use.

With a choice of power outputs at 850W, 600W and 425W, plus the option of having the heating element on or off, users can decide exactly how much energy they want to save, although with a maximum power output of just 1250W, the SMARTdri is extremely low energy anyway!

SMARTdri uses up to 83% less energy than traditional hand dryers - and against other competitive low energy dryers it also performs well, using up to 73% less energy.Contact Worldwide Dryers

As you would expect from World Dryer, reliability and longevity come as standard, and the SMARTdri comes with a 5 year (or 720,000 cycle) on-site guarantee for ultimate peace of mind, unlike other low energy hand dryers. SMARTdri also has a replaceable, washable air filter which reduces fluff and other debris entering the motor by around 95%.

SMARTdri comes in both white and polished chrome finishes to complement every washroom. It also features SteriTouch antibacterial surface protection on both the cover and airflow path of the white unit, and on the airflow path of the chrome dryer.

Best of all, SMARTdri requires no ongoing maintenance or complicated cleaning routines which take up the time of your cleaners - it really is the complete solution.

A selection of 6 modern and vibrant colours.


Designer Collection 

Uses approximately 80% less energy than a traditional dryer.



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