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Piano Black


 Piano Black

Ruby RedCobalt Blue    CopperAquamarineAmerthyst Purple

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Products available in the Designer Collection include:

Hand Care Services

  • Airstream®, Ultradry
  • Push and Automatic Soap Dispensers 

Cubicle Services

  • Eclipse™ (auto & pedal)
  • Mini Eclipse Sanitary Disposal Unit
  • Sanitary Bag Dispenser 
  • Interleaf Paper Dispenser
  • Mini Jumbo Dispenser

Water Services

  • Autosan Cistern Sanitiser 
  • Flow-saver water management system

Vending Services

  • Slimline Vend

Aircare Services

  • Airscent Burst
  • Airscent Breeze

 N.B. Colour may vary on actual products

A selection of 6 modern and vibrant colours.


Designer Collection 

Uses approximately 80% less energy than a traditional dryer.



A exclusive range of stylish and contemporary washroom products.


Nickel Range